So, you want to be out there traveling, exploring and having amazing adventures?
But you’re not achieving your dreams and, let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger….
So, what does it take to be able to achieve your travel dreams? For this to be YOUR time?

1. Vision

The first part of achieving your travel dreams is to be able to envision them, to know the destinations you want to visit or the adventures you want to have.

2. Motivation

In a busy, non-stop world it’s easy to be distracted from what you want to achieve, to lose your focus and desire or to be too busy to even think outside of daily deadlines.

3. Goal setting

Once you have a sense of what and where you would like to go, you need to develop the ability to set and achieve goals to make it a reality.

4. Mindset

Living your best life can be a continual process of assessing how your life is going and how to keep focused or to determine what changes do you need to implement. Mindset is KEY!

5. Confidence

Journeys can have ups and downs, maybe even a wrong turn or two. People may question what you’re doing and why. You need the inner confidence to stick to the plan.

6. Money Skills

While a dream or an aspiration is great, it’s much more likely to be achieved if you have some money and other resources behind you rather than living week to week.

Do I need One-on-One coaching and how can I access it?

What topics can the coaching cover?

  • Help you find your purpose and your style of travel – Your WHY and your HOW;
  • Help you identify your road-blocks and how to overcome them;
  • Provide the inspiration and to increase and maintain your motivation;
  • Help you learn to set and achieve goals;
  • Ensure accountability to be able to achieve your goals and avoid distractions;
  • Help you develop your skills to budget and manage money; and
  • Help develop travel itineraries and teach you how to research and plan a trip.

Bottom line is, what you are doing now has not been working and if we repeat the same old actions we get the same old results. Is it time to try something different to start achieving what you have always dreamed about? Do you want to be looking back in 5 years at amazing memories or regretting more missed opportunities?

How One-on-One Coaching works

First you contact me to discuss your current situation and what help you are seeking. This is done in a free 10 minute interview that can be arranged to see if I can help you and if we are a good fit.

After this initial meeting it will be easier to assess how much assistance you may need and in what form. This could determine if a single one-on-one session will be enough to access what you need.

For more complex needs and levels of assistance more than one session may be needed and then a schedule of when both parties are available can be established, such as perhaps on a fortnightly basis for a couple of months. After our first meeting(s) we can determine any ongoing needs and work out a program that suits your time and budget requirements.


1 x 60-minute session: $75

3 x 60 -minute session: $200

5 x 60-minute session: $300

Choose to live the life you would love!

Complete the contact form to arrange a 10 minute free discussion and find out if coaching can help you.